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Calls for EOIs from DIT to serve on Expert Advisory Council to Doctors' Health Services

Seeking expressions of interest from a Doctor in Training to serve on the Expert Advisory Council to Doctors' Health Services Pty Limited (DrHS).
Dear State & Territory AMA CDT Representatives and Trainee Representatives,
I am writing to invite nominations to the Expert Advisory Council to Doctors' Health Services Pty Limited (DrHS).
DrHS is a subsidiary company of the Australian Medical Association set up in 2015 to co-ordinate a national network of doctors’ health advisory and referral services. It is funded by the Medical Board of Australia.

14 MAR 2018

Call for EOIs for DIT on Doctors Health Board

Seeking expressions of interest from a Doctor in Training to serve on the Board of Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd
I am writing to you on behalf of AMA Limited to seek expressions of interest from doctor in training members who may be interested in appointment to the Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd Board.

14 MAR 2018

Hospital Doctors Enterprise Bargaining Update: “Are we there yet?” - (Canberra Doctor - September 2017)

For most Canberrans the drive up to Sydney is a familiar journey. Along the way you pass a couple major attractions (think Gungahlin and Goulburn) but by the time you pass the McDonald’s at Sutton Forest most of us are asking ourselves, “Are we there yet?” Sadly you’re not, you still have about another 97km before you reach the M5 and experience what life is really like being a Sydneysider.


3 OCT 2017

Mental Health Front & Centre (Canberra Doctor - September 2017)

Mental Health Front and Centre

AMA (ACT) President, Prof Steve Robson and ACT Chair of the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, A/Prof Jeff Looi, have met with Mental Health Minister, Shane Rattenbury, to lay out their shared concerns about the state of the psychiatry workforce and other mental health issues in the ACT.

3 OCT 2017

Medical Musing (Canberra Doctor - September 2017)

Me and you and ANU
I have had the privilege of working with the ANU Medical School (ANUMS) since its first intake of students.  The transition from the old Canberra Clinical School to the ANUMS went well and the standard of medical students we graduate is high.  One of the major challenges of opening a new medical school is in the way it integrates with the health services that provide clinical teaching.
Many general practices in Canberra and the region host medical students for their rotations, and many of Canberra’s experience

3 OCT 2017

Every two minutes, a woman dies in pregnancy somewhere in the world (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

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By Prof Steve Robson*

22 AUG 2017

Q&A with Dr Kieran Barr (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

Dr Kieran Barr is a RMO currently working in MAPU at Calvary Hospital. He is a graduate of ANU (Medicine & Surgery - 2015) and University of Melbourne (Biomedicine – 2010). Dr Barr once had the privilege of holding Roger Federer’s sweaty towel when he worked as a ballkid at the Australian Open. He is also a former tractor driver, telemarketer, waiter and wardsman.


21 AUG 2017