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Q&A with Dr Kieran Barr (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

Dr Kieran Barr is a RMO currently working in MAPU at Calvary Hospital. He is a graduate of ANU (Medicine & Surgery - 2015) and University of Melbourne (Biomedicine – 2010). Dr Barr once had the privilege of holding Roger Federer’s sweaty towel when he worked as a ballkid at the Australian Open. He is also a former tractor driver, telemarketer, waiter and wardsman.


21 AUG 2017

We think of you – think of us: Doctors’ Health Advisory Service NSW & ACT (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

Garry Walter* and Sarah Foster*

What a fabulous article about doctors’ health by Dr Louise Stone (‘A GPs Open Letter to Young Doctors’) in last month’s issue of Canberra Doctor, imploring young doctors to have their own GP. That message resonates with a key piece of advice invariably given by the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service NSW & ACT (DHAS) to callers of our service: regardless of career stage, having one’s own GP is a plank for current and future health care needs.  


21 AUG 2017

Health System Reform Needs Medical Leadership (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

Health System Reform Needs Medical Leadership

Prof Brendan Murphy* is the Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government

One of the reasons I took on the job of Chief Medical Officer and, before that, a Health Service CEO role, was a view that health system reform is critically dependent on good medical leadership. The aspect of medical leadership that I want to talk about tonight is in the broad area of health system sustainability.

21 AUG 2017

Medical Musing (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

Mental Health is Everything

All of us who provide health care for Canberrans understand the fundamental importance of mental health to our community.  In many ways, it underpins the wellbeing of society irrespective of all other issues.  Illnesses and injuries – acute and chronic – take their course against the background of our mental health and wellbeing.  For this reason, it is vital that any health system place a high priority on good mental health, and on services to work towards the best possible mental health of the community.

21 AUG 2017

Prof Nick Glasgow: the joy of General Practice (Canberra Doctor - Family Doctor Week 2017)

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Prof Nick Glasgow, speaking at the ANUMSS Graduation Ball

31 JUL 2017

When can an employer refuse annual leave?

We often hear from Doctors in Training (DiTs) that applications for annual leave are often not approved because of insufficient cover OR the amount of leave requested is significantly reduced (again, because of insufficient cover). So the question is: in what circumstances can Canberra and Calvary hospitals refuse to grant annual leave?


Entitlement under the FW ACT and Enterprise Agreement

24 JUL 2017

Reducing waste and improving your environmental footprint: in the clinic or hospital (Canberra Doctor - August 2017)

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By Dr Angus Finlay*

21 JUL 2017