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Serving your country with medicine - Dr. Chris Gilbert

Since leaving the ANU in 2008 I have had a diverse range of both medical and personal experiences. 

I spent my intern and resident years at Ballarat Base Hospital in Victoria. This proved to be a fantastic learning opportunity with a lot of responsibility and great hands on learning experiences (par­­tic­ularly in ED, O&G, paediatrics and surgery). 

17 JUL 2015

The boy from Oz - Dr. Grant Pegg

I am from Central Queensland and it was always my intention to return home to work after graduation from ANU so in 2010 I completed my internship at Rockhampton Hospital. It was great to return home and give something back to a community who had supported me throughout my early years.

17 JUL 2015

Canberra Calling - Dr. Heman Tse

I finished my Sydney University MBBS here in Canberra back in 2003, before the inaugural cohort of ANU students. In my final year here, I was fortunate enough to be awarded the AMA ACT student prize for leadership. I must admit, at the time, I was surprised by the nomination and the award. I did not believe that I was the leadership type, but was none-the-less flattered by being selected by my peers.

17 JUL 2015

The city to country contrast - Dr. James McCracken

After graduating from the ANU Medical School in 2011, and a brief sojourn in Canberra, Laura (my wife), Ollie (our dog) and I, packed up after four years in the Nation’s Capital and headed back down the Hume to Melbourne, where we all (well, not Ollie) moved to Canberra from in 2008. 

17 JUL 2015

Life is a rollercoaster - Dr. Sarah Koffman

When I was first asked to write a piece for Canberra doctor about what I’ve done since graduating, I felt dismay that I didn’t have a long list of achievements or exotic destinations I had travelled and worked in. I’m “Just a GP Registrar” came to mind.

As I started the process of writing however, I realised I have in fact done quite a bit since graduating and am very happy with how my career and life in general is progressing.

Winning the AMA leadership award at our grad dinner in 2006 took me completely by surprise.

17 JUL 2015

Diversity in medical practice - Dr. Tom Turnbull

I have many fond memories of my time at Canberra Clinic School. I graduated in 2003 and spent the last two years of my Sydney University medical degree at The Canberra Hospital. My strongest friendships from medical school come from my time in Canberra. It was a great place where we started the Canberra Clinical Club to enrich our student lives and provide services where they had been missing prior.

17 JUL 2015

The patient Doctor - Dr. Harry Eeman

In a twist of fate, I ended up being a patient half-way through my training as a University of Sydney medical student. Rapid onset ascending paralysis should ring a few bells to those of you who know anything about Guillain Barre Syndrome. I knew this as a second year medical student but no idea that it would change my life's trajectory forever-more. 

17 JUL 2015