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Access to Medical Care for Older Australians - 2012

The importance of a robust framework for medical services in aged care is growing as the number of older Australians increases.

Between 2010 and 2050, the number of older people (65-84 years) will more than double, from 2.6 million to 6.3 million, and the number of very old (85 and over) will more than quadruple from 0.4 million to 1.8 million.

Urgent policy development and planning for aged care is needed now.

7 MAY 2015

Doctors' Health Advisory Service

The Doctors’ Health Advisory Service exists to assist doctors and medical students, and their families, in need of support. It is independent of all other medical organisations and its services benefit both the profession and public.

4 MAY 2015

AMA Career Assist

This section outlines the career pathways and life experiences of some of our doctors’ personal accounts of their journey to date.

These profiles may provoke a new way to look at your own career pathway and give you encouragement for the years to come. They may also highlight that you are not alone in sometimes feeling overwhelmed, struggling with a work/life balance or still trying to figure out which direction to take. 

4 MAY 2015

Doctor in Training

The AMA (ACT) recognises the needs of the doctor in training workforce and to this end, has a dedicated position on the AMA (ACT) Advisory Council for a representative of a doctor in training.

Doctors in training are also represented on the AMA’s Federal Council, the peak body for the medical profession in Australia.
Position statements affecting doctors in training are available on the Federal AMA’s website

4 MAY 2015

The Board and Committees

The AMA (ACT) Board

  • President - Dr Antonio Di Dio
  • President Elect - Dr Suzanne Davey
  • Treasurer - Dr Andrew Miller
  • Secretary - Prof Stephen Robson
  • Assoc Prof Jeff Looi
  • Dr Iain Dunlop - AM
  • Assoc Prof Rashmi Sharma - OAM
  • Dr Balaji Biksahndi

Advisory Council

  • Chair - Dr Rashmi Sharma
  • Prof Stephen Robson
  • Dr Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Dr David Tridgell
  • Dr James Lim
  • Dr Mark Healsmith

4 MAY 2015